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Our primary focus for the UrWind O2  is affordability, this is why we work with the world expert in performance design for urban turbines to ensure that while we reduce manufacturing costs, we maintain our objective to surpass the competition in power production. We are able to achieve this with our patent-pending simple and smart design that saves money for our customers throughout the life cycle of the turbine. Contact us for current promotional information!

Urban Friendly

The vertical axis UrWind O2 copes favourably with turbulent wind conditions in urban environments as it allows the system to capture energy from the wind regardless of its direction. The UrWind O2’s clean aesthetics and aerodynamic efficiency, responsible for its quiet operation and for nearly eliminating vibration, will allow it to be easily integrated in the urban skyline.

Sustainability Flag

When choosing the compact and slick UrWind O2, you will be sending a strong visual message about your commitment to protecting the environment. We always love to see people's smile when they see the UrWind O2 turning and the extensive media coverage wind turbine installations receive .


The UrWind O2 is designed to comply with the AWEA and IEC standards. It integrates aerospace technology that ensures its safe operation and efficient production. UrWind manufactures in North America implementing high quality controls that contribute to delivering a superior product. The turbine’s structure is engineered to withstand wind speeds of force 2 hurricanes and has a 20 year designed lifetime. A live web-based monitoring software, UrWind Live, allows you to follow its reliable operation in real time from anywhere in the world!


The UrWind O2 requires minimal maintenance. Its operation is automatic and generates electricity day and night all year round. UrWind takes pride in manufacturing a small wind turbine requiring a quick and simple installation process. Once installed you will be able to “sit back” and see online your energy production and how you have reduced your carbon footprint.

Learn about the specifications of the UrWind O2.

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