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Lights up your building, lights up your image


Display your corporate values and commitment to environmental responsibility

With the UrWind O2’s compact and attractive design, you can show your customers and stakeholders that you are taking action towards becoming a greener and more sustainable business. Being painted in your color of choice, the UrWind O2 can be attractively installed in the parking lot, onyour rooftop, or front lawn to attain greater visibility and give greater impact to your message.

Reduce your utility bills and take advantage of available financial incentives

The UrWind O2 will complement the green initiatives of your company  in order to contribute to reducing your monthly utility bill. In the U.S. you will be able to obtain a 30% federal tax credit and possibly some additional local incentives that will further reduce your investment and give you a shorter payback period. Until December 31st 2010 businesses will benefit from the option of obtaining a 30% federal grant! Take advantage of this opportunity!

Powerful and maintenance free

The UrWind O2 has a powerful, safe, and quiet operation that easily integrates with your business setting, allowing it to be installed near your visitors and employees. Once it starts operating it will require minimal maintenance time and expenses. With the monitoring software that is included with the UrWind O2  you will be able to see your turbine’s power production and the total carbon emissions it has offset, in real time.

Learn about the UrWind O2.