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Aia & Usgbc Course Sponsor

Building professionals: UrWind is proud to sponsor a new AIA & USGBC Continuing Education course titled “Small Wind Turbines: A Renewable Energy Solution for On-Site Generation” provided by InfoSpec, Inc. UrWind provides this course at no cost! Please contact us to schedule this course

Course Description: This course provides an overview of small on-grid connected wind turbines. The goal of this presentation is to educate design professionals, and anyone interested in on-site renewable energy, on the basics of evaluating different turbine models and integrating them into projects. On-site renewable energy is one of the best ways to create a net zero energy, sustainable project and this course will guide you through this design and implementation process.

Course Details:

Course title: Small Wind Turbines: A Renewable Energy Solution for On-Site Generation

AIA Course Number & Credit: IUW48A,  1 AIA/CES HSW/SD LU

USGBC Course Number & Credit: 90004895, 1 GBCI CE Hour

To schedule please contact us

Office Building, Mirabel Qc

Operating silently on the rooftop, the vertical axis wind turbine "The UrWind O2" is now generating clean energy to power this office building. We have received very positive feedback from this installation. During our last visit an employee at the building told us his refreshing opinion "It’s a great feeling knowing that we are taking advantage of an environmentally friendly source of energy that would otherwise be wasted".

Test Site, Monteregie Qc

We are proud to say that the results we are obtaining have exceeded our expectations and that the UrWind O2 produces more renewable energy than any other similarly sized urban wind turbine on the market. In our state of the art test site, our high-tech sensors ensure quality analysis that is constantly being reviewed to help us optimize our turbine performance. 

At this site we are constantly testing different components or variations of our components in order to deliver the best quality-price turbines to our customers.