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Empowering you with renewable energy


2007             - Early stage prototype design with Darrieus turbine expert


2008             - Positive feedback from U.S. LEED professionals on product positioning

            - Entrepreneurship awards in business plan competitions

                     - Small 1 kW proof of concept model which helped validate key product advantages


2009             - Full size 1.7 kW prototype tested on rooftops. With this fully functional system, UrWind was able to push the

                       limits and enhance the product to reach all the objectives set out by the company for customer satisfaction


2010             - High-quality pre-commercial model ready for certification and commercialization. This model satisfied the

                       noise, vibration, and power output targets

                     - Introduction of the UrWind O2 to the North Eastern States and Quebec

                     - First vertical axis wind turbine to start the Small Wind Certification Council process (SWCC) to the American

                       Wind Energy Association standards