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How It Works

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How It Works

The UrWind O2 uses the highly-efficient Darrieus lift-based design to easily harness the wind despite its changing directions. In urban and suburban environments this is a great advantage as the wind direction is very variable due to its interaction with urban obstacles such as buildings and trees.

Installed on your rooftop or on various sized monopole towers, the UrWind O2 uses a grid-connected system which allows you to use the energy generated by the wind turbine first and satisfy the rest of your requirements your utility provider. UrWind’s certified inverter converts the electricity produced by the generator to match North American grid standards. There will be times when your UrWind O2 will be generating energy beyond your current needs. In this situation, you will be able to benefit from popular “net metering” programs in North America, which will allow you to sell the electricity to the utility provider and further reduce your energy bills. The stronger the wind blows the more renewable energy you will be generating and the closer you will get to your energy independence goals.

The control system is involved in the decision making processes of the turbine and ensures its efficient, safe, and worry free operation. For example, in the event that extremely high wind speeds are reached, the controller will block the wind turbine from turning until the wind has decreased to a reasonable speed.

how does the urwind o2 work