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Lights up your building, lights up your community


Influence your community by using this attractive form of renewable energy

As an institution, you can give the right example to your community and show your commitment towards protecting the earth. Installing the safe and powerful UrWind O2 at schools, universities, hospitals, parks, and other public facilities, will inspire your community to take action on global warming. By sharing your sign-in information, anyone in your community will be able to login from their personal mobile devices or computers to follow and learn about the energy production of your UrWind O2.

People Friendly

Knowing that the turbine will be installed close to people, UrWind has manufactured a compact, safe, and quiet system that can easily blend into your site. The turbines can actually be installed creatively and with a variety of colors in order to create a greater impact and visual appeal to viewers.

Positive Investment

All of the investments associated with the purchase of this alternative energy source are eligible for a 30% tax credit and, in certain cases, state incentives are available making this investment even more interesting.

By choosing UrWind you will be offsetting pollution that would have been generated by your utility company. Instead you will be producing green energy from a free, available, and renewable source.

Learn about the UrWind O2.