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There has never been a better time



If you are interested in purchasing the UrWind O2 these are the following steps you should follow:


  1. In our contact page, subscribe to our pre-order list and receive a free preliminary site evaluation. Please make sure to provide us with your name, email, telephone, and address. UrWind will verify that you have the right wind resources for a successful installation and answer all of your questions.  
  2. UrWind will provide you with a complete quote including the terms and condition.
  3. UrWind and the local partner, who will do the installation, will finalize the planning details and will help you obtain the local building permits and the available incentives. The permitting process will vary depending on the site and will be billed separately.
  4. Once the local building permits are obtained, a project contract will be signed.
  5. The installation will be done by your local UrWind partner in less than a week.
  6. You will immediately start generating clean energy and will be able to monitor your production rates live.
  7. After the installation, you can contact UrWind and/or your local dealer for any questions or maintenance.


Please go to our contact page to begin the process!

Call now at 450.849.3463.