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Lights up your home, lights up your bill


An affordable alternative that reduces your energy bill

UrWind’s affordable and easy to install turbine will reduce your utility bill by generating between 20%-40% of your home electricity needs*. Moreover, in the USA you will be able to obtain a 30% federal tax credit and possibly some additional local incentives that will further reduce your investment and give you a shorter payback period.

Your clean energy solution

Whether in an urban, suburbanor rural setting, it will produce clean energy from a free, available, and renewable source while emitting no pollution. Also, the UrWind O2 is manufactured using as much recycled materials as possible.

People friendly

The UrWind O2 has a quiet and safe operation which allows it to be installed close to you and your family. The turbine’s slim design will easily integrate itself to your environment once it is mounted on your rooftop or on a standalone monopole in your backward. You will be able to monitor its energy production live from anywhere in the world by using UrWind’s complimentary web-based monitoring system.

Energy independence

Remember that when adopting wind power you are protecting the earth and you are choosing no fuel costs and no dependency on imported fuels from politically unstable regions.

Learn more about the UrWind O2.