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Site Evaluation

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Site Evaluation

The wind resource available at the site is one of the key factors that should be evaluated when considering small wind power as wind resources and quality will vary depending on your site.

A small wind turbine will perform best when average wind speeds are at 11.2 mph or higher and where winds have a laminar flow. There are various ways to determine the average wind speeds that are available for you. Wind maps will give you a good general idea of the wind resources around your building.

Wind quality is another factor that will affect the available wind power at your location. If there is a prevailing wind direction, there should ideally be no significant obstacles such as buildings or trees that may block its flow. These obstacles can significantly increase turbulence and lower the average wind speeds thus decreasing your energy production. Although the UrWind O2 copes favourably with non linear wind flows, you should avoid this situation in order to maximize the efficiency of your turbine.

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