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Wind Or Solar Energy

Small wind, big contribution

Wind or Solar Energy

If you are thinking about renewable energy, whether solar or wind, you are on the right track. Given the variability of natural resources with the seasons, wind and solar energy can be used as complementary technologies to generate on-site clean energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

If you have to start with one technology at a time we recommend starting with the UrWind O2. Following are some reasons why:

The UrWind O2 is the greener alternative! Wind turbines have a high Energy Return on Investment (EROI) in comparison to other renewable energy sources. The UrWind O2 is innovatively manufactured with recycled materials that can be reused after its estimated 20-years lifespan. Alternatively, during the manufacturing of solar panels chemicals and toxic materials that can harm our environment are currently used.

Convenience is also a great advantage of wind energy. The UrWind O2 will keep on generating electricity day and night and during all seasons with minimal maintenance. On the other hand, solar panels will require maintenance in seasonal weather where snow, ice, sand, and leaves block the solar rays.

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